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The perfect introduction for Maji & Classik would be a 24 bar, lyrical, metaphor heavy, interlude, because they are truly a fresh new intro for a new breed of emcees. Meet Maji and Classik, Rappers, Song writers and Producers. Individually, these two brothers hold their own, however, very different as far as styles, but equally talented and committed to their love for music and creativity.
Magi (25) is a natural as it pertains to music as a whole. He is a true lyricist and emcee who writes in melody. His creative off the head lyrics and sick melodic flow happens all at the same time, however, Maji considers himself to be an emcee second and a producer first. Maji began to play keys at the age of 9. Eventually he fell in love with Hip-hop and began to make tracks. That love for Hip-hop motivated him to learn all he could about making music, including learning to record, engineer and mix his own songs.
As for Classik (23), although he has skills at playing piano and a great ear for sound, he is the guy you call for a hot 16 and a catchy party chorus. Classik is a real college guy, focused and disciplined, yet he still loves a good party, a hot beat and being in front of the camera. Bursting with personality and charisma, this young man is a true Rapper and entertainer who’s always looking at the bigger picture.

These two brothers make a perfect duo. They are self-contained, disciplined and a true team.

“The music business has changed significantly over the last 15 years- Some of the greatest rappers in this game have been murdered, beat, robbed, retired, pushed out or just walked away. Either way a lot has changed. Even with the few real authentic rap artists left, there is still a lot of room for new legends to emerge,” says Maji.
Classik adds, “Although we’re really feeling the industry and the creativity of the process, I do it because I love it, not because I think it’s a ticket to the top or to get rich. I feel successful just being a good person, I’m not after the synthetic success and fame that destroys peoples careers. I just want to live life, be true to myself, make music, and stay happy.”

Maji and Classik are a breath of freshness, this industry hasn’t seen in a long time. Check out the debut CD/mixtape entitled G.T.F.I. “One Blood.” This 11 track mixtape is a combination of catchy hooks, crazy flows, clever metaphors and bass heavy beats .This is a fresh Miami sound that has everyone talking. The 1st Mixtape single is “Hello” but the CD also features bangers such as “Drop it Low”, Me-yo, Bubble and Animal.
For more info, music and video clips on Maji and Classik log on to www.majiandclassik.com or check them out on www.facebook.com/majiandclassik